Secure Data Destruction
The data on your old PC is often more valuable than the hardware.
The most important part of an end-of-use PC is most commonly the personal or sensitive data contained on the hard drive. A simple delete or reformat is totally inadequate in this situation, as data can potentially still be recovered and used for illicit purposes.
CleanTech offers physical destruction of hard drives for assets with no refurbishment potential,and multiple pass destructive wipes on PCs that can be remarketed.
Rather than deleting data, a multi pass wipe writes a series of zeros and ones across the hard drive and makes any chance of data recovery impossible.
Our methods meet the strictest of standards and comply with US Department of Defence requirements.CleanTech also offers a secure chain of custody for the removal and transport of sensitive data back to our facility and certificates of data destruction

Secure Data Destruction Procedure
When a client requires secure destruction of sensitive, proprietary, or client specific data, that is stored on any data storage media, the following procedure is applicable

  • 1) Information regarding the Company and units to be destroyed will be compiled.
  • 2) A date and time will be set which needs to be adhered to (No appointment – No access) Security Policy.
  • 3) Collection of the units marked for secure destruction by CleanTech team.
  • 4) Upon arrival at Premises,Goods will be offloaded and verified as per the list sent to prior or documentation arriving with the units. Client representative is to ensure agreement of all information regarding the quantities, serial numbers or any other relevant information in order to ensure the correctness thereof, and this is to be endorsed accordingly on all relevant information, where applicable. units are weighed on the weighbridge in the appropriate manner, and the client will be accompanied to the area designated for the secure destruction.
  • 5) Destruction will commence with the client as witness and the CleanTech staff member will take photos /Videos.
  • 6) A CleanTech staff member will be present at all times to ensure the destruction is done responsibly and make sure that the client’s safety is not put into jeopardy; making sure the correct Health & Safety procedures are followed.
  • Eexecuted& Conceived, Clean Tech disposal programs will benefit an organization in three distinct areas as mentioned below:
  • Cost & Value
  • Data Security
  • Environmental Concerns

  • Data Storage Media: Hard Drive, Flash, CD, DVD, Stiffy Disk, Floppy Disk, Zip Disk, Mag Tape, Smart Media,Micro Drive, Memory Stick, Smart Card, PC Card.