Business Benefits
CleanTech helps business save moneyand reduce risk by removing unwanted e-waste from locations across India. The costs of storing and managing non-performing technology assets pose a significant cost on business. CleanTech partners with organisations to recycle your unwanted technology and ensure that all processes are consistent with ISO certified best practices and are delivered under an environmentally friendly framework.

Information Security and Privacy Concerns
For our clients who have sensitive data, our services encompass information purging and sanitisation to securely void any usable data. For Defence, Finance or Government clients, this is a vital piece of any risk management strategy.

With newspaper headlines constantly alerting readers or browsers to the latest privacy breach, senior management must exercise much greater diligence in ensuring that client and employee data is purged from data storage devices. If this is performed by your staff it represents a significant opportunity cost because IT Professionals should be performing productive and revenue enhancing tasks. Let us, the professionals perform this task leaving your in-house specialists to do what they do best looking after the day to day performance of your ICT infrastructure.

Reduce data disclosure risk
For clients, this greatly mitigates the possible risk that potential data disclosure poses. Our clients demand that e-waste disposal is an integral part of any comprehensive risk management strategy. Here is the commitment we make to our clients and partners.

CleanTech guarantee to honour our agreement with you by delivering what we promise within a mutually agreeable timeframe.

CleanTech will always act in a manner that brings respect and value to our business relationship.

At every phase of any business engagement, CleanTech commits to working diligently to ensure that the best interests of our clients and the environment are foremost in any deliberations.