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To Become a world class E Waste Recycling Company & do our Part in Preserving the Environment for Our Loved & Dear ones for the future

To deliver what our customer needs on time, within budget & a foolproof Solution

Who we are
Cleantech, is a Mumbai based e-waste Recycling company specializes in Disposal of e-waste in proper and scientific manner. We are authorized E-Waste Recycler / Dismantler firm approved by MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board )& are approved by MoEF ) Ministry of Environment & Forest)for Exporting e waste to European countries.Clean tech with its Pan India Presence help Organization with economical & responsible disposal of e -waste through techniques that have taken years to develop, we’ve created a way to turn end-of-life e- waste.

What we do
Cleantech company is available to assist you in disposal of e-Waste in proper and scientific manner.We are committed towards creating a quality e-Waste recycling program to assist organization in treating their e-Waste in a safe manner. Most companies now pay large sum of money for the removal of their E-wastes, but we have a solution. We will come by & pick up your entire e-Waste for efficient recycling.
We completely recycle all types of e-waste including plastic and metal. Each piece of equipment and/or material are disassembled carefully and eventually utilized as feedstock for various raw material extraction processes (including smelting & refining).Our environmental policy includes zero landfill tolerance, all equipment, including all hazardous substances will be processed according to the Globally certified methods.

Why we do
Because we can. Because we want to. And, most importantly, because it has to be done. We recognized a growing problem, wanted to be part of the Solution & have developed a company around this desire. We do what we do for our customers, whoever they may be, so that they have a partner that they can depend on to solve their e-waste problems.

Who we work with
Generally, we provide independently certified electronic-waste collection and recycling services to every one. Our most valued asset is our Team, who are technically Qualified Professionals Committed & are capable of providing Innovative & cost effective solutions to challenging recycling requirements .In pursuit of perfection, these professionals are continuously upgrading & fine-tuning procedure, offering quality services for each client using proven methodologies, extensive testing & long term solutions to your recycling problems .

Cleantech uses proven & tested methods, giving meticulous attention to government policy, legislation & needs of our customers. We begin by collecting e-waste materials, transporting them and sorting them based on recyclable or hazardous type. Our trained personnel eventually disassemble each machine into its component parts, plastics & metals and prepare everything for raw material extraction. We use this basic method to eventually completely recycle all E-waste. We use this simple method because it enables us to maintain our flexibility within an environment of constant change. We position ourselves such that we can adapt to change and take advantage of new, beneficial and effective recycling technologies.
In doing this we help Companies to
  •   Complies with dumping laws & regulations.
  •   Assist Organizations in disposing of unused or obsolete computers & electronic equipment’s
  •   Limits waste & recycle all that is possible
  •   Save money by eliminating the hidden cost of storing obsolete computers.
  •   Maintains the security of proprietary corporate data & intellectual property.

  • We do not
  •   Dump any portion of computers hardware/high-tech junks as landfills.
  •   Throw trashes in streets causing environmental hazards.
  • You too can be a part of it.Please proceed to look around for e-Waste & we look forward to working with you.The only request we have for you as a responsible computer user, is to make the contact & we’ll do the rest. We look forward to serving your global Computer recycling needs! Please contact us with full information, as we can accommodate your recycling needs.